Facial Mist Database

Click here to open up the database –> Facial Mist Database

Clicking on the link above will open up the complete Excel spreadsheet that I will update as I find more mists. If you want to filter the data, you will need to click on “Data” –> “Filter views”–> “Create a temporary filter view”

I always wished there was a way to search by ingredients for different products. Sometimes there are ingredients that I know I need to avoid because of allergies or skin irritations, and other times there are ingredients that I know my skin loves and I’d like to find products that have those ingredients. But there wasn’t an easy way for me to search for specific ingredients in one place. So I started to slowly compile ingredient lists for mists that I was looking into. Pretty soon I decided it would be helpful to try to get as comprehensive a list as I could in case this is helpful for others as well. That being said, I am sure there are many mists that are not listed. If you see some that you think should be added, feel free to leave a comment.

Things you will find in the database:

  • Tab 1: Products
    • Brand and product name
    • Price (in USD), ounces, and price per ounce (which I always find fascinating).
    • A very basic description of what the company says the mist does (under “Targeting”)
    • A very high-level summary for what skin types would benefit (I almost left this column out because I’m not sure how helpful or accurate this really is. I tried to just pull information about target skin type from the company, but just because a mist says it is good for all skin types, but I would take the information in this column with a grain of salt.)
    • Complete ingredients
  • Tab 2: Select Ingredient Details
    • This tab is constantly a work in progress and it is by no means exhaustive. I just wanted to start to write down some benefits of the different ingredients as a starting place for people to learn more. I will try to add to this and update the document over time.

Note: You are able to search and create temporary filters, but you are not able to edit the database.

Affiliate links

Here are the mists that are currently in my collection:



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