Antioxidant Serums Under $100 per oz

A month or so ago someone asked me for recommendations for antioxidant blend serums under $100. I soon realized that all of the products I used and loved were over $100 per ounce. So I went on a search to find some options under $100 per ounce. Then I compiled their ingredient lists. The problem … Continue reading Antioxidant Serums Under $100 per oz


JKosmmune Beta-Glucan Serum Review

This serum was sent to me by JKossmmune and I was excited to try it after reading a review by @lathertolashes. But I had a hyaluronic acid (hydrating) serum that I already loved so I wasn't expecting to really be impressed by this. But I was impressed. Big Time. Beta-glucan is  is a polysaccharide sugar derived from … Continue reading JKosmmune Beta-Glucan Serum Review

Foot Peels!

Winter is doing a number on my dry, cracked heels. So recently I reached out on Instagram Stories to ask what foot peels, other than Baby Foot (which I was already aware of), people recommended. 8 different brands were recommendedI ended up purchasing the Tony Moly one because it seemed like it was middle of … Continue reading Foot Peels!

Comparison of 3 Vitamin C Serums: Skinceuticals, Paula’s Choice and Timeless

**Disclaimer: These views represent my experience with these products after using them consistently for months. My skin is acne-prone, combination and sometimes reactive, please keep in mind that may have a very different experience. My main suggestion is just to try to find a vitamin C serum that works for you. For a lot of … Continue reading Comparison of 3 Vitamin C Serums: Skinceuticals, Paula’s Choice and Timeless

Quick Guide to Facial Oils

References Aburjai, T., & Natsheh, F. M. (2003). Plants used in cosmetics. Phytotherapy research, 17(9), 987-1000.Parker, S.M. (2014). Power of the seed. Processed Media, Port Townsend, WA. Essential Fatty acids and skin health: Haiyan, Z., Bedgood, D. R., Bishop, A. G., Prenzler, P. D., & Robards, K. (2007). Endogenous biophenol, fatty acid and volatile … Continue reading Quick Guide to Facial Oils